What are Flocks?

Flocks are small discipleship communities designed to empower and equip believers to fulfill their purpose of loving God, serving the church, and spreading the gospel.
The focus of each flock centers on our church’s three core strategies: "Look Up" for worship, biblical study, and prayer; "Look In" for community building; and "Look Out" for outreach and evangelism.
These strategies guide the flock's discipleship process by fostering spiritual growth, building supportive communities, and extending ministry beyond the church walls.
Flocks seek to create a unified journey that enriches our individual and corporate spiritual growth.

Flock Structure 

The study structure within the flocks is designed to provide a cohesive and enriching experience for all members. It revolves around a monthly sermon that serves as the central theme for discussions during the three-month term. On the first Sunday of each month, all flocks come together for corporate evening worship service, where the sermon is preached to set the stage for study and discussion for the flock gatherings in that month. This shared experience fosters unity and alignment among the flocks.
Following the corporate gathering, the flock gatherings in the subsequent weeks delve deeper into the sermon topic. These discussions enable members to explore and apply the sermon's teachings to their lives, fostering personal growth and understanding. The interactive nature of the discussions promotes engagement and diverse perspectives, enriching the learning experience for all participants.
The flocks operate on a structured three-month commitment basis, fully immersing members in the study and community experience. There are two three-month terms each year—one in the fall (Sept.-Nov.) and one in the spring (Feb.-Apr.). This periodic structure encourages consistency and commitment, facilitating a sense of continuity and accountability within each flock.


Except for the monthly Sunday evening gathering, Flock hosts will determine the scheduled meetings based on their availability as hosts. For example, one flock might opt for gatherings on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m., while another flock may maintain their meetings on Sunday nights at 7 p.m. However, the meeting times must remain consistent throughout the three-month term.
There will be various days and times to meet the needs of church members' schedules. Any changes would be agreed upon by the flock and communicated to the pastor and church office.



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