Mission & Strategy

Go therefore and make disciples...

The Mission

Bamberg FBC exists to equip believers in loving God, serving the church, & reaching the world with the gospel. 

                                          The Strategy

"Look Up," there is an intentional focus to equip believers in their relationship with God by cultivating a culture of worship, biblical study, service, missions, and prayer, seeking to lead them closer to God. This strategy fosters spiritual growth and dependence on God.

"Look In," prioritizes building a strong and supportive community of believers. With a nurturing environment, where members can share their joys and struggles, grow in discipleship, spiritual accountability, and experience authentic fellowship with one another.

"Look Out," seeks to equip believers to extend their care and concern beyond the walls of the church by engaging in outreach and evangelism. Each believer will actively seek opportunities to serve and share the gospel with the world, fulfilling their calling to impact and transform lives outside our walls.

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